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Aubrey House
Aubrey Road
W8 7JJ London
United Kingdom
4th June 2019

About This Event

4th June 2019 - 6:00pm

We were delighted to come back together with the Environmental Funders Network (EFN) this week for an SFG-style event kindly hosted by Aubrey House.  

At this special event, we managed to raise over £67,000 for three active non-profits working to solve environmental challenges - Balkan River Defence, Hope for the Future, and new initiative Unchecked. 

You can watch the pitches from the evening here

If you'd like to learn more, or attend a future event as a prospective donor, please do get in touch with Jennie

Projects Pitching

Each charity will have up to 6 minutes to pitch and 6 minutes to take questions, followed by a live crowdfunding pledging session


To raise the profile of remaining wild/healthy Balkan rivers using adventure sports, supporting local river conservation efforts and promoting sustainable tourism as an alternative economic opportunity to unnecessary dams. The Balkan rivers are the last undammed rivers in Europe, and fresh water habitats are globally threatened.


To respond to climate campaigners’ training needs, so that they can effectively engage UK politicians on climate change and persuade them to take decisive climate action. Hope for the Future have an extraordinary 100% success rate in getting MPs to agree to the requests put to them by constituents trained with their process, but they are tiny and looking to expand their reach.



A brand new public, political and media campaign to reveal the human costs of cuts to environmental protection (especially pertinent as the UK leaves the EU), and demonstrate public demand for high ambition. It weaves together never-before aggregated research into what the cuts and their effects have been with a positive approach to demonstrating the public's widespread, cross-party support for evenly applied protections.

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