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TFN International Affiliates

In addition to our trademark live crowdfunding events in the UK, TFN also runs a growing Affiliates' Programme through which we equip civil society organisations (CSOs) with the skills, resources and confidence to run their own live giving circle events.

Since the programme launched in 2012, more than 310 events have raised over £5.3m for more than 1,000 social change projects in 24 countries outside of the UK and Ireland.

To date, over 60 CSO’s have undergone training either directly from us or through one of our Affiliates.

Thousands of people have taken part in events from Sydney, to Budapest, to Istanbul, as well as in smaller cities and towns across Central and Eastern Europe. 

Affiliates are selected on the basis of an alignment with TFN’s mission, their capacity to deliver events and the need and opportunity for an increase in philanthropy in their country. They must also share our passion for the live crowdfunding model and an interest in developing it further and sharing ideas and learning. No one has all the answers and there is as much for established groups to learn as the fledgling ones.

Typically Affiliates are national organisations with the capacity to cascade the model throughout the country to CSOs working regionally and in smaller towns and cities.

Through the Affiliates' Programme, we’re sparking a worldwide “giving revolution” - hundreds of people coming together at live events every week, working together to create lasting social change in their communities.

To find out more, please contact:

Eugenie Harvey, International Director - Eugenie@thefundingnetwork.org.uk
Jennie Jeffery, Programmes Manager – Jennie@thefundingnetwork.org.uk
+44 (0) 845313 8449

TFN gratefully acknowledges the support of Charles Stewart Mott Foundation, Frederick Mulder Foundation and Marie-Louise von Motesiczky Charitable Trust with the TFN Affiliates Programme.






International Networks

TFN's affliate in Albania is Partners Albania for Change and Development. Based in Tirana, Partners Albania works to support civil society and facilitate inter-sector collaboration in order to strengthen democratic institutions and advance economic development. TFN began working with Partners Albania in 2018.

Key Statistics

So far, Partners Albania has hosted one event raising £13,000 from 47 donors for three non-profit organisations.

Further Contact

Erila Haska - ehaska@partnersalbania.org


TFN's Affiliate in Argentina is CEDES, and in 2019 they held their first event in Buenos Aires which raised over £1,500 for three local community organisations.


TFN Australia was constituted as an independent charity under Australian law in 2014 following a successful pilot phase. TFN Australia currently operates in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Canberra. TFN Australia holds both Flagship events that support grassroots charities, and facilitates White Label events for larger charities.

Key Statistics

Since 2013, 62 Flagship events in five Australian cities have raised over £3.7m for 213 non-profit organisations from more than 6000 donors, with an estimated £2.5m of further funding facilitated. TFN Australia's White Label events have raised an additional $1.5m (AUD). 

Further information

Julie McDonald, Chief Executive Officer: julie.mcdonald@thefundingnetwork.com.au

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TFN's main affiliate in Brazil is ICOM based in Florianopolis, the capital of Santa Catarina state. We have delivered training to several other Community Foundations across the country and hope to support them to host events in the future.

Key Statistics

ICOM has held two events so far, raising £10,700 for 6 local non-profit organisations.

Further Contact

Mariane Maier Nunes, ICOM - marianemn@icomfloripa.org.br

In Bulgaria, TFN’s Affiliate is the Workshop for Civic Initiatives Foundation (WCIF) which works with communities around the country to encourage them to take responsibility for their own development by effectively using local resources. Through WCIF and the training we have jointly provided, community foundations and youth banks around Bulgaria are now organising successful live giving circle events, known in Bulgarian as дарителски кръг or Daritelski Krug.

Key Statistics

Since 2012, 58 events in 15 Bulgarian cities and towns have raised more than £399,000 for 255 non-profit organisations from 3,500 donors.

Further information

Monika Pisankaneva, Philanthropy Development Manager: mpisankaneva@wcif-bg.org



TFN's affiliate in Cyprus is the Social Transformation Centre, based in Nicosia. We began working with STC and their partners in 2017 following an introduction from our Turkish affiliates, TUSEV. 


Key Statistics

The first event in Cyprus was held on 25th October 2017, raising more than £8,000 for 3 local community organisations. We hope to see more events happening in Cyprus in the future. 


Our Hungarian Affiliate is Roots and Wings Foundation, an organisation which aims to support, develop and strengthen Community Foundations in the country. The first open giving circle (known as Elő Adás) in Hungary was organised by the Ferencvaros Community Foundation in Budapest in December 2015, with the support of Roots and Wings. Events have since been held in the town of Miskolc, Pecs and in Budapest by Roots and Wings Foundation itself. 

Key Statistics

Ten events have taken place in Hungary so far. Over 800 donors have collectively raised £70,000 for 30 social change non-profits, often tackling issues which are seen as controversial in the country. 

Further information

Mátyás Komáromi, Roots & Wings Foundation: matyas.komaromi@gmail.com 


TFN's main affiliate in Italy is the Canavese Community Foundation, based in the north west of Italy close to Turin. We began working with them in 2018.

Key Statistics

Fondazione di Comunita del Canavese hosted its first event in September 2018. The event raised £10,000 for three local social change organisations and attracted 48 donors.

Further Contact



TFN's affiliate here is the Community Foundation Movement in Latvia. They first began establishing TFN events in 2017 and have worked hard to spread the model to five cities across Latvia so far.

Key Statistics

Since 2017, seven events have been held in Latvia raising over £22,500 for 21 local non-profit organisations. 


Further information

Patricija Siliņa - patricija.silina@vnf.lv 

TFN's affiliate in Macedonia is Konekt, based in Skopje. After connecting with TFN at INSPIRE conference in 2017, Konekt held its first event in 2018. 

Key Statistics

One event in June 2018 raised almost £4,000 for 3 local non-profit organisations.

Further Contact

Nikica Kusinikova, Konekt - nikicak@konekt.org.mk

As of 2018, The Funding Network NZ is established as an independent organisation. Based in Auckland, TFN NZ has run public events in two main cities as well as private corporate events. The TFN NZ team has big plans to build momentum and capacity over the coming years, with a focus on developing their capacity building support for non-profits.  

Key Statistics

The first TFN event in New Zealand was held in Auckland on 8th September 2014.

Since then seven events have raised £170,000 for 25 non-profit organisations from 500 donors. 

Further information

Tim Pare, National Co-ordinator info@thefundingnetwork.org.nz 


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TFN's affiliate in Palestine - and our first in the Middle East - is the Dalia Association of Palestine. This small Community Foundation based in Ramallah is working hard to generate local grass-roots philanthropy and drive social change. 

Key Statistics

Dalia Association has held two event since 2018, raising more than £4,300 in total for four local community projects. 

Further Contact

Rasha Sansur, Dalia Association - communications@dalia.ps

TFN’s Polish Affiliate is Akademia Rozwoju Filantropii w Polsce (Academy for the Development of Philanthropy in Poland). The organisation was founded in 1998 and is based in the country’s capital, Warsaw. It works to support the development of philanthropy, responsible business and strong communities.

Key Statistics

The first TFN event in Poland was held on 19th May 2016, on the national Day of Good Deeds. In total 16 events have taken place in seven different towns, raising more than £37,000 for 50 non-profit organisations. 

Click here for details of forthcoming events.

Further information

Kaja Petryka-Siemiończyk: K.Petryka@filantropia.org.pl 



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In Romania, TFN’s Affiliate is ARC Romania. ARC is a longstanding pioneer of philanthropy development in Romania and throughout Central and Eastern Europe. It has been responsible for the national Community Foundation Development Programme and the roll out of YouthBanks, a youth-led fundraising and grant-making initiative. Over the past three years, ARC has successfully introduced TFN's live crowdfunding model (known as Cercul de Donatori) to many community foundations and YouthBanks around the country.

Key Statistics

Since 2013, 73 events in 14 cities have raised £252,000 for 222 non-profit organisations from around 4,000 donors. 

Further information

Ionut Alexandrescu, Programme Assistant: ionut@arcromania.ro


Follow ARC on Twitter or have a look at the groups' Facebook pages:

BrasovGalatiIasiCeRePloiesti, MuresTara Fagarasului, Prahova.

TFN supports a group of exceptional volunteers in Brussels to host live crowdfunding events supporting Romanian organisations. This group is keen for the Romanian diaspora to continue supporting social change in Romania, and find's TFN's model an effective way of doing so. They are also supporting Romanian citizens across other areas of the world to host live Crowdfunding events, so we except this network to grow in the coming years. 

Key Statistics

The first event in Brussels was held in June 2017. Since then, four events have raised £35,000 for 12 Romanian non-profit organisations from more than 250 donors. 

Further Contact

Please get in touch with TFN UK for more information or an introduction - eugenie@thefundingnetwork.org.uk


TFN has been working with CAF Russia since 2018 to spread the live crowdfunding model to Community Foundations across Russia. So far, 12 Community Foundations have hosted events across a wide area of the country and many more have received training. 

Key Statistics

So far, 27 events in Russia have raised over £35,000 for 82 social change organisations.

Further Contact

Irina Novikova, CAF Russia - inovikova@cafrussia.ru

TFN has been working with Catalyst Balkans since 2013. Catalyst works to increase domestic philanthropy for social transformation of countries in the Western Balkans. In addition to organising several successful events in Belgrade under the brand DobroCiniTi, the team at Catalyst has run training programmes for young people from Youth Funds in the giving circle model and offer support and mentoring to those that wish to organise events.

Key Statistics

Since 2013, seven events have raised £27,000 for 20 non-profit organisations from over 300 donors. 

Further information

Branislava Cekic: branislava@catalystbalkans.org



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TFN’s Affiliate in Singapore was the Singapore Community Foundation.

Key Statistics

The first live crowdfunding event in Singapore was held on 11th April 2014. Since then, two events raised £22,000 for six non-profit organisations from 100 donors. There are currently no events planned in Singapore.

Further information


In Slovakia TFN’s main Affiliate is Centrum Pre Filantropiu (Centre for Philanthropy). CPF’s mission is to develop philanthropy and strengthen civil society in Slovakia. Outside of the country’s capital, Bratislava, events have been held by The Healthy City Foundation at Banská Bystrica, Eastern Europe’s first community foundation established in 1994.

Key Statistics

Since 2014, seven events (the majority in Banská Bystrica) have raised over £28,000 for 20 non-profit organisations. 

Further information

Boris Strečanský, Senior Expert: boris.strecansky@gmail.com


In Turkey, TFN works with both TUSEV (Third Sector Foundation of Turkey), and now also the Support Foundation for Civil Society. Known in Turkey as Destekle Degistir, the live crowdfunding model is proving popular and impactful.

Key Statistics

Since 2014, nine events in Istanbul, Ankara and Izmir have raised more than £123,000 for 28 non-profit organisations.

Further information

Pinar Ensari (TUSEV)- pinar@tusev.org.tr

Liana Varon (Support Foundation for Civil Society) - lvaron@siviltoplumdestek.org





TFN's affiliate in Uruguay is the Fondo Region Colonia, in the southwest of the country. We hope to work with more Community Foundations across Uruguay in the future. 

Key Statistics

The first event in Uruguay was held in Colonia in November 2018 and raised £1,500 for three local non-profit organisations.

Further Contact

Gianela Fonte (President) - gianela@fondoregioncolonia.org

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