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Our application process

To apply for support, non-profits must be sponsored by a TFN member. (Scroll down for information on what you can do if you don’t know any of our members). Once nominated, non-profits are invited to apply to pitch for £10,000. 
The application process is simple:
  • TFN members are notified when applications are being accepted for an event
  • Non-profits can then apply online, provided they include a note from their sponsor explaining why they support the non-profit on the application form
  • TFN staff conduct due diligence on all applications
  • A selection panel scores eligible applications and shortlists the strongest candidates
  • The same selection panel interviews shortlisted candidates over Zoom
  • Non-profits are notified within 48 hours whether they have been selected or not
Once selected, candidates attend a pitch training workshop to learn how they can make the most of their pitch. You can find full details of our criteria and assessment process here.
The application process for regional TFN events and some partner events differs slightly and do not always require a TFN Member to act as a sponsor. Usually, at partner or regional events, the amount available in terms of funding is lower. 

What kind of charities will be considered?

TFN supports non-profit organisations that drive positive change for individuals, communities, society and the environment. To learn more about organisations we have supported in the past, please see here
Organisations do not have to be registered charities but must be a registered non-profit to be considered. Social enterprises, Charitable Incorporated Organisations (CIO) and Community Interest Companies (CIC) are eligible as long as they are not-for-profit or any profit is reinvested in the organisation. This should be clearly stated within the organisation's governing documents. 
Please note that we do not fund:
  • Organisations that are involved in the promotion of religion or a political party 
  • Organisations with a turnover of over £1.2million
  • Fundraising challenges
  • Individuals
We highly recommend that you use the eligibility checker to ensure that your organisation ticks all the boxes.

What if you don't know any TFN members? 

We do not share the details of our members as we take privacy very seriously.

If you don’t know any TFN members, you can ask somebody to become a member with a view to sponsoring your organisation. It can be a trustee, a volunteer or a supporter, as long as it is somebody who is not in paid employment of your organisation. Once they have signed up, new members will have to donate at a TFN event before they can sponsor an organisation. Sponsors play a key role at events: they make a one-minute appeal to the audience on your behalf and pledge the first £250 to kick start the live crowdfunding. TFN membership is open to anyone committed to social change. See here for details on how to become a member.

You can also submit a short expression of interest here. Once you have completed the eligibility checker, you will be able to submit a summary of your organisation’s aim and the social change you seek to achieve. This information will be circulated to our members, who will get in touch directly if they want to know more about your work. Please bear in mind that there is no guarantee that you will be contacted or selected.


Become a Member

The Funding Network is made up of individuals and businesses who want to support social change. Members of TFN can increase their understanding of the social change sector, deepen their engagement with the causes they give to, share their passion for social change, help organisations they already support and increase the impact of their donations.

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