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We’ve been featured in The Economist!

TFN has a starring role in a short film which is part of The Economist’s "Now and Next" series, which focuses on the pressures, plans and likely tipping points for enduring global change. We are delighted to be featured in this series of truly thought-provoking ideas. 

Titled Charity: How Effective is Giving? the film explores the “new golden age of giving”, the power of “mega-donors” and innovative approaches adopted by charities to persuade donors to give, which is where TFN comes in (or more precisely at 18.25 minutes into the film). Watch it here and let us know what you think!

The Economist crew covered last year’s Summer Funder at The Fore, focusing on our wonderful trustee Jennifer Johnston whose TFN “giving journey” is documented in detail. The film also brilliantly captures the events of the evening with shots of animated networking, passionate pitching and glimpses of the pledging session. If you’ve ever wanted to show someone what TFN is all about, this film is a great way to do so. 

The film highlights the benefits of democratising philanthropy – making it accessible, accountable and transparent. Donors are able to engage directly with charities and see first hand the difference they can make.  It shows how we create an environment in which people can explore the world of altruism and feel connected to a cause in a space that doesn’t discriminate. Most importantly, it shows how through individual donations we create a community driving collective impact.

We hope that this film will bring many more people to the joys of collective giving, and are very grateful to The Economist for featuring us. 

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