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TFN 20th Anniversary Film

TFN's 20 year anniversary impact film

16th March marked 20 years since the very first TFN event, a Saturday afternoon meeting which supported 10 charities and raised over £60,000. Things have changed a bit since then, but our ambition to support impactful charities with funds and development opportunities has only grown.

We are so grateful to the TFN Members and supporters who have been part of our network over the years. Thanks to you, TFN events in the UK have now raised more than £9.5m for over 1200 charities from donations of just £10 up to £10,000 and everything in between. And that's aside from the many international organisations which we have trained in TFN's live crowdfunding model to support charities in their own countries, raising a further £7m.

But the numbers can only tell us so much. In honour of our 20th anniversary, we've put together this short film to share the stories of some of the charities we've worked with over the years. They have a simple message to you, our Members and supporters - thank you!

We hope you’ll take a couple of minutes to watch the film and that you feel proud of the part you have played in these stories. Rest assured there are many, many more.

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