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TFN International in Russia

The year is off to a flying start for TFN International with a visit to Moscow at the start of February to present at a national Community Philanthropy Forum organised by CAF Russia for leaders of community foundations.

Community foundations the world over are engines of social change, working locally in cities, towns and villages to raise funds from donors and direct them towards initiatives that engage and support their communities’ most vulnerable members. I particularly liked the comment Maria Chertok, CAF Russia’s Executive Director, made to open the Forum - “Philanthropy is not rich people giving to poor people. It is people coming together and contributing what they can to bring about the change that is needed.” Amen to that!

Around 80 representatives of the 70 community foundations took part in the Forum and it was a terrific opportunity to talk to them about TFN’s giving circle and how it can help cultivate new donors and raise funds for local projects. There are TFN giving circles already established in four Russian cities - Pskov, Tolyatti, Arkhangelsk and Pryazha, and over the coming months, we hope to see something of a giving circle revolution in Russia. A big thank you to Marina Mikhaylova of the Community Foundation of Arkhangelsk who shared her experience of organising two TFN events in 2017 - the first attended by 70 people and the second by 140 people with standing room only. 

If you would like to get a sense of how TFN translates into Russian, watch this short piece from the evening news about Marina’s event last December. 

In January, we compiled the results from all the TFN International events held in the previous year, and I am very pleased to report that that we’re now actively working with national partners in 20 countries, and that since the programme began in 2012, there has been 247 international TFN events which have raised funds for 856 social change projects. These events were attended by an estimated 19,345 people of whom 15,837 made donations. The total funds raised over his period through the TFN International programme events is £4,322,438.

Lastly a quick shout out to new friends at Konekt in Macedonia, who had their first TFN event in 2018 and who we warmly welcome into our growing International Affiliates Network.

Eugenie Harvey, International Director

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