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TFN International: Events in Albania and Germany

With the welcome return of face to face meetings, we're pleased to share that two of our international partners have held events this month.

In Albania, Partners Albania for Change and Development ran their third live event on the 16th of June in support of three charities. Projects pitching for support addressed the dental health and wellbeing of children in marginalised communities, the creation of a recreative public space for elderly people, and the creation of a pop-up library for children with books, e-books and social activities in an underdeveloped area of Tirana.

Bringing together individual donors, companies, civil society and local institutions representatives, the event fostered a culture of collective giving, with the organisers sharing that their initial target of 7,500 euros was exceeded, raising a total of 17,500 euros. The organisers said: “This confirms once again that there is generosity, civic engagement and solidarity towards communities in need.” 

Meanwhile, in Germany, our partner Braunschweig Community Foundation had their second event on the 23rd of June. This was their first in person event, feautirng three charities. These included a mentoring program, where volunteers regularly meet with elementary school children for a year, providing guidance during leisure activities with the goal of helping them successfully master the challenges of everyday life. The second project focussed on sustainability through a game that would promote cautious use of global resources and encouraging sustainable behaviour among children and young people. The third project involved trained volunteers who take patients suffering from dementia to a social setting, such as a cafe, restaurant or theatre, giving respite to family caregivers and support participation in social activities for people with dementia.

Participants raised over 24,000 euros for three charities and were particularly enthusiastic about the match funding practice, which brought some additional energy and excitement to the room. 

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TFN has a network of International Affiliates, which stretches across 18 active countries and three continents. Our Affiliates are civil society organisations which incorporate the TFN model of live crowdfunding into their efforts to increase grassroots philanthropy in their communities. New groups are supported with Starter Grants of EUR 1,000 for their first three events, generously funded by the Frederick Mulder Foundation.

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