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Success as virtual crowdfunding takes off in North Macedonia

On the 29th December 2020, The Funding Network’s (TFN) North Macedonian affiliate, Konekt hosted its first virtual crowdfunding event. In spite of the prevailing economic uncertainty, over 150 philanthropists came together to raise over 445,000 MKD (equivalent to £6,386) for non-profit organisations - over one and a half times the target set! 
Konekt, based in Skopje, connects donors with civic society to promote sustainable, long-term development in North Macedonia. Having heard about TFN’s live crowdfunding model at the European Commission’s INSPIRE Conference in 2017, Konekt went on to host its first crowdfunding event in 2018. Following the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic and TFN’s own successful move to virtual crowdfunding events, all of TFN’s international affiliates were offered starter grants to help move the in-person events to online platforms. 
Having made this transition, Konekt’s virtual crowdfunder was able to unite philanthropic individuals and companies from across the country to fund three carefully-curated civil society organisations: 
  • The Einstein Dyslexia Association – working to increase public awareness of dyslexia
  • The Rural Coalition – advocating the interests of farmers and rural communities in public policy
  • The volunteer-led Fire Department (DPD) of Sveti Nikole 
Donors who attended were delighted with the now virtual event, some citing it as “the most entertaining event of the year”. 
North Macedonia is not alone in embracing online streaming and event platforms to bring philanthropists together at a time when national lockdowns are prevalent across the globe. And despite the sector declines in charitable giving, live crowdfunding continues to bring donors with shared interests together.
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