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Migration Museum has a new home

Britain’s first museum dedicated to exploring how the movement of people to and from the UK has shaped the country we live in today, has itself moved to a fantastic new location in the heart of Lewisham shopping centre. This follows a two a half year residency in Lambeth.

Migration Museum pitched at 2019’s Summer Funder at which it and raised over £6300 for a pilot project, “Room to Breathe” which highlighted hundreds of important stories from immigrants all over Britain.

At an event last week, they revealed their new space and showcased some of their current thought-provoking projects. In addition to “Room to Breathe these include “Humanæ”,  a project by Brazilian photographer Angélica Dass, documenting every shade of human skin tone through striking portrait photographs in the format of the PANTONE. Hundreds of volunteers from dozens of countries worldwide took part in the project to encourage us to reflect on our identities and what we have in common.

With hate crime in the UK doubling over the last five years it is important and necessary for Migration Museum to be situated in a location from which it can broaden its reach and educate more people through stories, empathy and powerful imagery.

You can support the Migration Museum further by donating to help develop more exhilarating exhibitions and to expand their education programme.

If you plan to visit their fantastic new home follow this link for directions and opening hours.

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