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Meet a member: Steve

Every so often we like to get to know a member a little better, and this month we've been chatting to Steve, one of our newest members. You may have met him at our event in July, but if not, meet him here:

Hi Steve! Could you tell us a bit about yourself and your interests?

I'm fairly new to crowdfunding, having started my career as a photographer, but I picked up a few more business responsibilities along the way and decided on a new direction whilst I was doing an MBA at Cass. I've been a Trustee of a grant making foundation for the last years. It's been a great privilege but can often have a business-like approach - TFN is definitely a more fun way to give. I live in North London with my wife Lauren and new baby daughter Margot. 

You're from a different type of crowdfunding background - could you tell us about your work? 

I work for TribeFirst, a marketing agency that specialises in managing commercial crowdfunding campaigns. We help companies get the maximum publicity during their campaigns, ideally to attract those investors who will also support the company as customers, advisors or advocates. Ultimately we hope our work helps benefit the company well after their fundraising has completed. 

We mainly work on equity campaigns with companies raising between £100k and £1m. I joined the team earlier this summer as their Head of Business Development. We work on a success fee basis so my role is predominately to scout for potential clients, manage our enquiries and referrals, and assess whether we can support them during their raise.

What did you enjoy about coming to your first TFN event in July? 

I had reservations about how it would work in practice but I was greeted by a lovely group of people and there was no bravado around the giving. It was fun, fast paced and a great way to learn about new causes.

You have since joined TFN as a member - what made you decide to join us?

I found out about TFN through Rathbone Greenbank. The idea of live crowdfunding intrigued me and I thought I should find out more. I was sold at my first event. I decided there and then that I would join personally and that the corporate membership might also be an option given our background. 

Thanks for talking to us and for joining the TFN membership, Steve! There are a number of different TFN membership options if you're thinking of joining us too - find out more online

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