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Helen Wilde: TFN Bristol founder

This month we're catching up with Helen Wilde, a longstanding volunteer with TFN as Founder of TFN Bristol

You were recently made the High Sheriff of Bristol - can you tell us what this involves?

The High Sheriff is officially the Queen's representative for law and order in the country. As such, I get involved with organisations and people connected to the justice system. I have visited police HQ, given out awards to police officers, visited the Magistrates Court and sat in the Crown Court with High Court judges trying serious cases in Bristol. I also have to enterain the judges whilst they are in Bristol; we have had some to dinner in our home and taken one to see King Lear at the Bristol Old Vic. We also support local charities, particularly those involving young people and those concerned with reducing crime and anti-social behaviour. I have also opened two primary school extensions, accompanied the Lord Lieutenant on three royal visits and met lots of wonderful people!

You've been coming to TFN events for almost as long as we've been doing them! What do you like most about coming along?

The best thing about TFN for me is getting up close and personal to the projects and hearing about small, local projects where a small amount of money can make a massive difference. 

You're the founder of TFN Bristol - why did you decide to set it up? 

I saw an article about TFN in the newspaper and was just blown away by the concept! I contacted the TFN team in London to see if there were any events in other parts of the country and the rest is history! TFN Bristol was born.

TFN Bristol has held 11 events since 2004, supporting so many local social change projects. Are there any you're particularly proud of supporting? 

Hartcliffe Tackles Drugs springs to mind. It was a tiny charity helping the families of drug users; just four mothers of young people who had drug problems trying to help other families in the same situation. 

Changing Tunes, a charity taking music teaching, performing and recording into prisons to aid the rehabilitation of prisoners. It's now a really big charity working in prisons all over the country, but TFN Bristol gave them a really good start. 

We also funded 16-25 Independent People, a charity providing support, accommodation and advice for 16-25 year olds in the city, in 2010. Jamie, their CEO, still tells me what a great boost the funding from TFN was for them. 

The 12th TFN Bristol live crowdfunding event will take place on 20th October - can you tell us a bit about the projects that have been selected to pitch on the night? 

We have a great line up of projects for this year: 

Ablaze, raising skill levels and attainment in young people. 

B.Friend, improving wellbeing for asylum seekers through 1-2-1 support and mentoring. 

Bristol Area Stroke Association, supporting people to rebuild their lives after the life changing occurrence of a stroke.

Full Circle, which helps increase opportunities for young people and families in a particularly deprived area of Bristol. 

And Finally, Mind Your Music, which provides music workshops for people with mental health difficulties.

I'm really looking forward to hearing all their pitches and raising money for them on the night! 

TFN Bristol takes place on 20th October 2016 - tickets are available now


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