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Spotlight on a Corporate Member

We’d like to share the experience of one of our most actively involved Corporate Members, Octopus Giving, the charitable foundation set up by Octopus Group. Octopus Giving contributes a huge amount to TFN, using its membership to the full and showing how being part of TFN can support a business to deliver on its commitment to social responsibility and engage its staff in so doing.

Octopus Giving was established in 2014 and since then has donated more than £1 million to nine smaller charities including FoodCycle and The Choir with No Name, both well known to TFN. Additionally, everyone who works at Octopus is encouraged to give their time volunteering with one of their charities and this is over 1000 hours per year.

Since joining TFN as a corporate member back in 2017, Octopus Group has regularly sent a team of employees  to our events and tasked them with pledging a pot allocated from Octopus Giving’s funds and also often pledging their own money. No one blinks at pledges made by Octopus these days!

They have also hosted a memorable event at their Holborn Circus HQ and staff have nominated projects including Downright Excellent (DEx), which raised £8,400 in December 2018. DEx supports children with Down’s Syndrome in London to develop their life skills, so that they can reach their full potential as individuals. DEx gave a particularly moving pitch at our Festive event last year, and went on to raise a further £5,000 at a special partnership event with Addidi Pioneers.

Louise Skinner, Octopus Giving Programme Manager said, “Our people really enjoy coming along to TFN events and the feedback afterwards is always very positive. In fact, the interest in attending is really growing as word spreads about the fantastic atmosphere, the great organisations that present, the excitement of the pledging session and the satisfaction of seeing our money going towards such great causes.”

We are working closely with Octopus Group on other exciting ideas to help them get the most out of their membership and are excited to continue working together.

If you'd like to sign your company up as a Corporate Member, more information can be found here, or call Eugenie on 0845 313 8449. It would be a pleasure to tell you more about how we can support your organisation’s giving and employee engagement programmes.

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